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Raiola opens Juventus gate for Pogba

Where will Paul Pogba play next season? His agent, Mino Raiola maintains the suspense. The Turin option has just resurfaced.

Paul Pogba ultimately stayed at Manchester United this season. If the name of the international midfielder had been mentioned on the side of Paris Saint-Germain, it is therefore one more season that he has started with the Red Devils. His last? Nothing has been decided for the one whose contract will end in June 2022 and whose options are multiple. The one leading to Juventus was reactivated by Mino Raiola.

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At the microphone of Rai Sport, the agent of the French world champion revived the idea of ​​a transfer of Paul Pogba to the Italian club for which he has already played in the past. ” Paul Pogba expires in June. So we’ll talk to Manchester United and see what happens. Juve? Paul loves Turin. There is a chance he will go back, it’s true. But that will also depend on Juventus’ plans.

From the world to the gate

In other words, if Turin wants to get Pogba back, it will have to pay the price. Flamboyant since the start of the season with United, the Frenchman interests several clubs a priori. In addition to its current team, La Pioche is in the small papers of PSG and Real Madrid.

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