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Raiola mocks PSG … and apologizes

PSG too unattractive to be able to afford Erling Haaland? Mino Raiola apologizes.

Mino Raiola does not have his tongue in his pocket. The sulphurous agent of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but especially Erling Haaland, had thoughtless remarks about PSG Saturday, in a long interview with the newspaper AS. Raiola had in particular felt that Paris could not compare with its neighbors from the major European championships in terms of attractiveness.

“PSG play in the worst league”

“When clubs like Barça or Real Madrid arrive, with their history so great, it’s hard to say no. PSG enter this group of big clubs, City too and Juve has always been. What also matters is their championship. PSG play in the worst league of the greats. Bayern are in an attractive league, but we know they win all the time. In Spain, there are three options, ”he said.

Realizing his mistake, the representative of the most upscale football stars of the moment took it upon himself to apologize: “I want to make it clear that I congratulated PSG. PSG is already one of the elite clubs of European football. They become historic for what they accomplish. My point of view on PSG is demonstrated by the great players that I was able to accompany there, by those who play there today and also by those who will play there in the future. My remarks on Ligue 1 reflect a commonplace in football. However, that is not my personal opinion, given how competitive the league has been in recent seasons. PSG has a great attraction for all the top players that I represent. Players who would all consider joining the club if the opportunity arose ”, he specifies. A real trader, this Raiola

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