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PSG, Pochettino: “We missed a bit of luck on both matches”

The PSG coach is proud of his players despite the elimination in the Champions League semi-final against Manchester City.

Paris Saint-Germain will not be in the Champions League final for the second year in a row. The capital club failed to reverse the trend against Manchester City on Tuesday evening. However, the Parisians did not deserve it, but at no time did they manage to tip this double confrontation in their favor. In a press conference, after the meeting, Mauricio Pochettino analyzed the meeting and admitted that he missed something at PSG.

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“We are all disappointed tonight. We applied our strategy well, we started well, but the end result is disappointing. We dominated a team that is hard to dominate. I feel proud, I am disappointed too Of course. Manchester City were more clinical than us but we played well. We played the game we wanted with the plan we wanted. After that, at this level you also need a little luck. two matches we didn’t have. We gave everything. The team never gave up and gave everything. The way we dominated these two matches should give us hope for the future“, explained the Argentinian.

The PSG coach regretted the red card and his team’s mistakes: “I am disappointed with the whole story surrounding the red card, this expulsion of Di Maria. We also played 10 against 11 on the outward and return leg. Already the first match, we played fifteen minutes with ten players. , tonight again. But it is not during these periods that we conceded goals. After that it is not on these facts that it was played. We are very disappointed for the supporters, the club, for us. We gave everything. We did not achieve what we wanted to achieve “.

“We are disappointed not to be in the final”

Neymar Mahrez Manchester City PSg Champions League semifinal 04 05 2021

“Already in the first leg, we made mistakes, and today there were some too. It’s a bit of a shame. We gave Manchester City a gift on a situation that we had anticipated. football is made of mistakes. When you make mistakes like this, it is difficult to make up for it afterwards. We struggled and did not give up in spite of everything. I am proud of the players, they gave everything until the end, against a very good team like Manchester City. We did not have the small percentage of luck that is necessary at this level.“, added Mauricio Pochettino.

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The Argentinian is proud of his players, but disappointed with the result: “In the two matches, we were unlucky. We dominated the first half here, the same last week. It’s hard to find a team that can dominate Manchester City, we played well, but we didn’t have the chance in football. We were in the game, but we were in the game. You always have to believe in it. By scoring a goal, you could hope to score the second, but with the card red it has become very difficult for us. I am still very proud of my players. I cannot say that I am not disappointed, our objective was to go to the final, and we will not do it “.

Mauricio Pochettino calls on UEFA to listen to his players and launch an investigation into the possible offensive remarks by the match referee: “You have to believe what they said. But that won’t change the result. We’re not in the final. So it’s the same. I didn’t hear anything. If the referee said something “Maybe we need to investigate but that can’t be an excuse. The most important thing for us is that we’re not in the final. That’s what makes us saddest.” Regarding this matter, we should perhaps discuss it with UEFA “.

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