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PSG, Joël Bats: “With Navas in your team, nothing can happen to you”

The former goalkeeper of PSG and the France team is in awe of Keylor Navas’ performances.

As in the return match against FC Barcelona, ​​Paris Saint-Germain can thank Keylor Navas for his success against Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena. The former Real Madrid goalkeeper, winner of the Champions League three times, was once again decisive and kept PSG more alive than ever in this competition. In an interview with Le Parisien, Joël Bats, former goalkeeper of PSG and the France team, praised Keylor Navas who according to him brings a lot of serenity to the club of the capital.

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“Impressed with Navas? No, because I know what he is capable of. The good thing about Navas is that you are never disappointed. Of course, he doesn’t just work wonders. But it does. is not the kind of goalkeeper who plants you a match with a pellet. Neuer, the first goal he takes on Wednesday for example, he can stop it. He is certainly surprised by the power of Mbappé’s strike, but he does not he doesn’t have the right attitude. Keylor, we can’t blame him for anything, neither on the two goals, nor on the season for that matter, as he is incredibly regular in his performances at high level“, explained the former French international.

“He is a goalkeeper who gives confidence to the whole team. On Wednesday, it is he who allows PSG to keep their heads above water and not to sink. Frankly, between German ineffectiveness and presence incredible from Keylor, there were a few miracles in Munich. Even without Lewandowski, the bill could have been very steep for Paris. But when you are on the pitch and you have a goalkeeper like Navas on your team, you are say that nothing can happen to you “, added Joël Bats.

“There is no doubt that he is among the best in the world”

Keylor Navas Thomas Müller

The former PSG goalkeeper ranks his successor among the best in the world at his post: “In the world, there are hyper-talented athletes who have never won anything. Navas is one of those who command respect because they win wherever they go. guy who has won three Champions Leagues and I don’t know how many titles… He took advantage of playing in good teams to make a name for himself. But all these teams took advantage of his talent to fill the trophy window. higher level is enormous. There is no doubt that he is among the best in the world. “

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Joël Bats even drew inspiration from Keylor Navas for his training methods: “In the history of the goalkeepers of the PSG where is it located? Among the very best. He brought his consistency and serenity to the club. Without disrespecting anyone, in recent years no holder has been unanimous in the goal, has been registered in the long term. Brought him confidence, serenity and stability in the area of ​​PSG. Could he have been a role model if I played today? But I’m going to reveal something to you: I was inspired by Keylor Navas in his way of training a few years ago in Spain “.

“In Paris as in Lyon, I did not sit with my ass on a chair (Laughs). I was going to look for right-to-left training methods. He corresponded to my philosophy and I found some interesting things in his way of working. He’s a workaholic. Some have a natural talent. He, like me, is one of those who worked harder than others to get there. “, concluded the former coach of the goalkeepers of Olympique Lyonnais.

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