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PSG-Bayern, Papin: “Bayern can recover from anything”

The former Bayern Munich striker warned PSG ahead of the Champions League quarter-final second leg.

Beaten at the Allianz Arena last Wednesday and held in check by Union Berlin this weekend, Bayern Munich will be keen to silence its detractors this Tuesday evening and to afford, again, the scalp of Paris Saint -Germain in C1. In an interview with Le Parisien, Jean-Pierre Papin, formerly of the Bavarian house, believes that the small crisis experienced by Bayern will be beneficial for the return match against PSG.

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“You have to know that Bayern is a club that excels in communication in a crisis situation. In general, it is the leaders who come on the scene and go there with their little statement so that the players have a free spirit. And often , it works. In the past anyway, there have been some paying electroshock! The defeat of the first leg has generated a lot of frustration. And as luck would have it, everyone is talking. I find that brilliant! “, said Jean-Pierre Papin.

“PSG are not impressionable. Especially since they know that to get by, Munich must at least win 2-0. On the other hand, to believe that Bayern are already eliminated would be a serious mistake for Paris. At Bayern, there is a particular mentality, built on the culture of winning. Victory is all that matters. This club is so used to winning everything that it no longer imagines being beaten“, added the winner of the Ballon d’Or 1991.

“Everyone at Bayern is capable of playing above their level”

Bayern PSG Leroy Sane Neymar

Jean-Pierre Papin was surprised by Neuer’s excitement in the first leg: “Paris may have put them a little doubt, but in their heads, they are convinced that anything is possible. They have all the balls to have lost the go. But they are convinced they should have won 6-3. And that if it did not want to come back on the way out, it can come back on the way back. Then they also know that if they don’t have a guy who goes as fast as Mbappé, it can be complicated. No, only It goes fast, finishes well, but it connects the high level performances and keeps the head on the shoulders. The goals he just set in Barcelona and Munich don’t happen often. Scoring in big games like that counts double. He is impressive”.

“I was initially surprised to see Neuer make the first blunder. This cap goal put a little doubt in the ranks of Bayern. But what struck me was that in a quarter-final between the two best teams in Europe, one of them concedes 31 strikes. It’s just abnormal. If you don’t have Navas doing miracles, it can be heavy. Not Lewandowski. But in the end, Paris had an extraordinary match. In football, the main thing is not to be beautiful, it is to be efficient “, added the former OM center forward.

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Jean-Pierre Papin warns PSG it will not be easy, but if the capital club wins it will be a great accomplishment: “If you think you’re qualified, you’ve lost. In a match like this, it takes eleven warriors, ready to defend the two goals ahead as if it is the most precious thing in their existence. But the mistake would be not to play. Especially since playing, PSG knows how to do it, it has the weapons for. Afterwards, Paris must never forget that it is a Bayern in European champion mode, capable of everything, that he will face. Any excess of confidence is to be avoided. I do not know what it will give, but if the PSG qualify, it is because it will have been very strong “.

“Bayern can recover from anything. And I say it without laughing. Did you see Choupo’s performance in the first leg? In this team, everyone is able to play above their level. The lack of Lewandowski balances himself with that of Marquinhos, on the Paris side. There, the one to be wary of is Muller. He has the faculty of being able to take everyone with him. Navas, it’s very, very strong! do not know if it will weigh on the mind of Munich. Me, when a goalkeeper stopped everything, it increased my desire to score tenfold. But it is a major asset for Paris, it reassures the whole team “, concluded the Ballon d’Or 1991.

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