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PSG-Bayern, Müller: “It would be a disappointment for the whole team to be eliminated”

The Bayern Munich striker has displayed his ambitions ahead of the Champions League quarter-final second leg against PSG.

Beaten last Wednesday at the Allianz Arena by PSG, Bayern Munich is an injured beast, but the Bavarians intend to defend their title of European champion to the end. Bayern Munich will present themselves this Tuesday evening at the Parc des Princes with the one and only ambition to turn the tide and qualify for the last four of the C1. At a pre-match press conference on Monday, Thomas Müller said he would only be satisfied if he qualified.

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“We were eliminated in the Cup after our successful season last year but we won the Supercopa and the Club World Cup. It’s a special season in terms of time. In the league we are in a good position, it is the most important because it is our daily work. we must remain number one in the Champions League. After the first leg against Paris we could lose the Champions League“, analyzed the Bayern Munich striker.

“It’s normal in the quarter-finals but that’s not what we want. I will be very disappointed in the event of elimination. I’m confident but in excess. I don’t think it will be easy, it will be a very close game tomorrow. It would be a disappointment for the whole team to be eliminated. Nothing is over and we have to win our games. We are in the most important phase of the season in April and May. We want to qualify tomorrow “, added the German international.

“Score as soon as possible”


Thomas Müller wants to score as fast as possible to put pressure on PSG : “You have to be more efficient. Yes with 31 shots, being more efficient should be the recipe for victory. But we are in reality and we do not know how the match will be. We can analyze what has not happened. not walked in the first leg, we did it well. I think we could learn a lot of things since going in attack as in defense. We try to avoid, despite our offensive philosophy, not to just attack. We will attack this match in a normal way. Maybe a little less liberated than if we lead in the match. We will see if we chain the short passes in the middle of the field. We have to estimate the risks. everyone knows we want to score as fast as possible but we’re not just going to attack. “

“Limit the spaces? It’s true, especially Mbappé who is very dangerous. But with our way of playing it is normal to have these spaces. Our idea is that they do not receive the ball. We have to hinder the passer otherwise we will have a big problem. In Paris, Neymar and Mbappé often stay very high, they are passive in defense and remain dangerous for the opponent. It is up to us to take the measure and manage this risk well. We also need a little luck because we cannot control Neymar, Mbappé or Di Maria during the whole match. We must lower their probability of scoring goals“added the Bayern Munich striker.

PSG-Bayern, Pochettino: “Bayern are favorites and that doesn’t bother me”

Thomas Müller knows that the Bavarian experience can make all the difference and does not care if he criticizes his team: “We have a lot of players with experience. It’s the same for Paris. By playing a lot we have had success and failure. We are often smarter in the moments when we should have scored and that did not happen. You can’t plan for those moments. Everything can happen. Experience can help make better decisions than the opponent. We don’t know how this match will go. The fact of being able to lose something which was almost certain is hard for the human being and one wants to make doubt the adversary “.

“It would be very important for us. We want to defend our title. We are a little weakened but mentally and qualitatively we feel capable of overturning this match. A qualification would be good for the whole club. But the journalists will not stop. not to ask these questions. When I was little we used to talk about FC Hollywood to talk about Bayern. It doesn’t affect us at all. It’s our job. Bayern is at the forefront of German football. often find the most resilient people. It’s our job to be even stronger in the most important games. It’s our job to give our all within the team. When there’s one that’s too much soft or loose, we straighten it right away “, concluded the 2014 world champion.

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