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PSG-Bayern, Lizarazu: “Paris will have to suffer less possession”

The former Bayern Munich side believes that PSG will have to better control their match to withstand the Bavarian assaults.

Paris Saint-Germain must confirm its good result obtained at the Allianz Arena last Wednesday, this Tuesday evening, and validate its ticket for the last four of the Champions League. But it will not be easy for the club of the capital which suffered a lot in the first leg conceding a lot of shots and failing to keep the ball. Mauricio Pochettino’s men will have to do better in this area to avoid a return match as delicate as against FC Barcelona.

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In an interview with L’Equipe, Bixente Lizarazu, who knows Bayern Munich well for having played there for several seasons, considers that PSG will have to better control the match or risk cracking in the face of repeated attacks from the reigning European champion : “Can PSG come out of a match like the first leg? It is not certain, unless Bayern are also bad in defense. So, they will take more goals … In the first leg, they showed great naivety in leaving so much space to Mbappé. They played too high and with central defenders, like Alaba, who are better in the recovery than in the duel. Last year, during the Final 8, Manuel Neuer had already saved Bayern on defensive errors “.

“With the presence of Marco Verratti and that of Pardes, PSG could have a little more technical control, keep more the ball, because Paris will have to suffer less possession. Otherwise, it will be difficult to resist another ninety minutes with as much success as in the first leg. I do not think that the configuration of the first leg is so much a question of strategy. PSG had no choice. In terms of possession, technical mastery , Bayern had more qualities“, added the former French international.

“Paris will not always be able to count on Navas”

Kylian Mbappé Bayern PSG

Bixente Lizarazu finds that PSG have been able to highlight their strengths: “But where the Parisians have been good is that they have been able to reduce their weaknesses and play fully on their strengths, that is to say on the qualities of Kylian Mbappé as a counter attacker, well served by Neymar. In Ligue 1, PSG often struggles in attack placed against low blocks and Mbappé is not comfortable in this register. On the other hand, in fast attack, it is the best in the world, the lethal weapon. Curiously, Bayern did not analyze this parameter well “.

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The former Bayern full-back delivers the keys to the game according to him: “The goalkeepers are going to be decisive. Just as Navas has saved PSG more than once, Neuer can too. He missed his first leg, but he can be decisive in the return. For PSG, the absence of Marquinhos will be a major handicap, even if Danilo did the job in the first leg. If I place myself from the point of view of PSG, I cannot suffer as much as the first leg, it is much too risky … I will not always be able to count on Navas“.

“So we have to manage to have possession streaks, make Bayern run, while keeping my qualities as a counter-attacker. From Bayern’s point of view, I have to take the initiative, push Paris to a break. But also find solutions to prevent PSG’s quick attacks. Bayern don’t have to think they have to win 2-0. They just have to think about scoring the first goal first. From there, it’s another match starting, another strategy, where the nerves will have to be strong on both sides“, concluded Bixente Lizarazu.

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