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PSG-Bayern, Kimpembe: “Eliminating Bayern would be something big”

Present at a press conference, the defender of PSG is ready to assume his role of leader in the absence of Marquinhos.

Pure product of the Parisian training, Presnel Kimpembe could be captain this Tuesday evening during the big shock against Bayern Munich, in the absence of Marquinhos, uncertain. The central defender of PSG is ready to assume his responsibilities as a leader. Present at a press conference on Monday, Presnel Kimpembe refused to draw a parallel between the quarter-final return against Bayern Munich and the eighth-final return lived against FC Barcelona a few weeks ago.

You were very calm during the first leg, how did you live these last days before this big meeting?

We are all very well, we are calm, we prepare the match calmly. We know the importance of this match. You have to stay calm and serious. There is a little excitement but we stay calm.

You played with Marquinhos then with Danilo, what does that change if he’s absent?

We know the qualities of Marquinhos, he is the leader of the defense, he is the captain of the team. It would be a miss if he were not to be there, but we have very great players in the team. We do not yet know what will happen, we have to see with the club and the staff.

“Why talk about risk?”


Are you preparing for this second leg against Bayern Munich as you prepared for the second leg against Barça to keep your advantage?

As I have always said no match is alike. We come on the field to win, we are competitors, we prepared the match well for that and we hope that it will bear fruit tomorrow. Why a risk? We did the job on the outward journey, we hope it will pass on the return trip. We must all play together and be solid. The Barcelona match is over, we’re on the Munich match, it’s two different matches. We are ready. We will play with our weapons and we will have to be solid to win this meeting.

In the absence of Marquinhos, you had to adapt to a new partner, take on this role of boss, be captain, do you fully assume it?

Of course, I am a competitor, I like the responsibilities. Wearing the armband is a lot of confidence on the part of the club and the coach, I wear it with a lot of pride and I try to give positive energy to the whole team.

How do you see this road traveled for you at PSG?

Much joy, pride, the road has been long. I still hope for a lot of adventure. It’s an honor to have come so far, as a young Parisian titi to be able to play matches like that.

After eliminating Barca, eliminating Bayern would be one of the club’s greatest achievements, do you think?

We don’t think about it, but it’s sure that eliminating Bayern would be a big thing, especially since they’re the best team in Europe at the moment. We have a lot of respect for them, but it would be great to play a great game and come back with qualifying.

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