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PSG-Bayern, Kimmich confident: “We are the best team”

The German midfielder strongly believes in the qualification of Bayern Munich in the semi-finals of the Champions League.

Surprised at home by Paris Saint-Germain last Wednesday, Bayern Munich intends to turn things around on Tuesday night at the Parc des Princes. After suffering their first setback in two years in the Champions League, Bayern Munich will do everything to win and qualify for the next round. The Bavarians, reigning European champions, have not said their last word and absolutely want to win the C1 again this season.

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In an interview with Bayern Munich’s official website, Joshua Kimmich was very confident about his side’s chances going into the second leg: “Why are we going to qualify? Because we are the best team, I have no doubts that we will succeed. We were the best team in the first leg, but unfortunately the result was not up to par. But I still believe we can turn the tide in the second leg“.

“It will depend a lot on our state of mind, but also on our efficiency. In the first leg we showed a good state of mind, but we were not efficient enough. This time we need to both. They were dangerous three times and they scored three times. Other than that, I don’t remember a lot of Parisians’ chances. In general, our team had more the ball and was involved in more chances We must now succeed in taking advantage of these opportunities.“, added the German international.

“It’s easier to play away without supporters in the stadium”


Joshua Kimmich admitted that the importance of hosting in the second leg is reduced without the fans in the stadiums: “It depends on everyone in our team, not just me. Every player has to become a leader in this game, everyone has to show a mentality and have absolute conviction. And then you have to strike when the opportunity is there. Usually you prefer to play at home because you know everything there: the pitch, the stadium, the locker rooms – you’re there in a familiar environment. That’s how it is for PSG in Paris, I think too. it’s an advantage for the away team if there are no fans – at least you don’t have a downside anymore, like you did when the fans were there ”.

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The German has already experienced a similar situation when Bayern Munich traveled to Madrid after losing in the C1 semi-final first leg in 2018, and is hoping to do better this time around: “I still remember the situation in Madrid very well. We played a very good game there too, but we weren’t efficient enough. I hope that we have learned from it and that we have grown up. a little. At the time, we weren’t the worst team in the two games, but we didn’t go any further. This time we were the best team in the first leg, but we lost. Nonetheless, everything is always possible – and Paris knows it too “.

Bayern Munich have indeed grown since that time, as has Joshua Kimmich. In the meantime, the reigning German champion has been crowned European champion and Hansi Flick’s team is a well-established machine since the squad’s executives have been present at the club for several years. With the departures of Alaba and Boateng at the end of the season, Bayern Munich hopes to conclude a successful cycle with a new European coronation, but for that, it will already be necessary to bring down the PSG.

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