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PSG-Bayern (0-1): Mauricio Pochettino: “I was nervous”

PSG coach Maurcio Pochettino was relieved after his side qualified despite the loss.

Asked at the microphone of RMC Sport, just after the meeting, Mauricio Pochettino, the PSG coach, was delighted by the qualification and felt that his team did not deserve to lose: “We have to congratulate the players first. All the credit goes to them. I’m happy for them, the staff and the club. For the president and Leonardo, too. It feels good to share this moment of happiness together. I missed that adrenaline when I was home. It is the most beautiful club competition. So obviously I was nervous. Internally, it’s boiling. “

A message for Bayern who were very confident? : “It’s normal that Kimmich and Müller, great players, have confidence in themselves. They won it all. But football is such a beautiful sport, where you have to fight, never give up. And then we also have quality. “

On his tactical changes during the match: “Yes, we worked a lot to correct the positions, to do things better, especially on the sides. They were given a lot less possibilities. It’s a shame we didn’t score, but we’re very happy. “

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