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PSG, Arsène Wenger: “The defense is not good enough to win the Champions League”

The former Arsenal coach considers that PSG must improve their defensive sector to hope to win the C1.

Paris Saint-Germain were eliminated in the Champions League semi-final by Manchester City on Tuesday evening. After their defeat at the Parc des Princes last Wednesday, Mauricio Pochettino’s men fell again against Manchester City. However, the Parisians, deprived of Kylian Mbappé, did not deserve but were punished on two counter-attacks by Riyad Mahrez and must say goodbye to their European ambitions.

PSG, Luis Fernandez: “I don’t want to hear that Neymar is responsible”

Present on the beIN Sports set in England, Arsène Wenger analyzed the semi-final second leg of the Champions League between PSG and Manchester City. For the former Arsenal technician, the capital club was punished because of a too weak defense, an area that the reigning French champion must consider improving next summer to be able to achieve his ambitions on the European scene, according to him.

“Things were repeated in the first and second match. All we can say is that PSG, this (Tuesday) evening, played well, showed good qualities in certain aspects of their game but was caught twice on counter-attacks. Once with the goalkeeper at the start and another time on the second goal. What is needed now is to analyze things well, to ask yourself what they can improve. And for me, it’s in defense“, analyzed Arsène Wenger.

“I didn’t like Fernandinho’s behavior”

Angel Di Maria PSG GFX

“In these moments the defense is not good enough to win the Champions League. They have enormous potential but this is where they need to make corrections. High level games require focus, calm. And control. You can’t ignore that they finished both games at 10. It was repeated again. They have to improve the discipline when things don’t go well. It’s an important part of these games.“, added the French.

Edouard Cissé: “Paris has lost its temper”

In addition to the defense of Paris Saint-Germain, Arsène Wenger did not appreciate the behavior of Fernandinho. The Brazilian, preferred to Rodri in the midfield, caused the expulsion of Angel Di Maria after the hour mark. The Argentinian was guilty of a gesture of temper against the Brazilian midfielder and got a red card. For the former Arsenal coach, Fernandinho should not have gotten out of it without the slightest card.

“I did not like how Fernandinho behaved this evening (Tuesday, editor’s note) because it is provocation. If you expel Angel Di Maria, you must also expel Fernandinho, in my opinion. But he should have already expelled have a yellow card for his provocation on Angel Di Maria and I think both should have taken red. At the end of the day, over both games, you pay where you are weak. Manchester City have had fewer weaknesses than PSG on both matches“, added Arsène Wenger.

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