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Pogba finally responds to Real Madrid

By videoconference from a plane, Paul Pogba dodged a question from a Spanish journalist regarding his possible transfer to Real Madrid.

Apart from a message on social networks, this is the first time since the elimination of Blues that Paul Pogba spoke. For this, he chose the show in which his brother Mathias regularly appears, El Chiringuito. The Manchester United midfielder gave his impressions of the unexpected defeat of the France team and took the opportunity to defend Kylian Mbappé. A funny scene occurs at the end of the interview when the presenter asks the 2018 world champion if he sees his future at Real Madrid. Accustomed to the media, Paul Pogba to take advantage of this question to close the interview: “I was expecting that one. I just arrived so, I will say thank you for everything. I have arrived at my vacation spot and I have to go, everyone is waiting for me! “

Will Pogba extend in Manchester?

Under contract with the Red Devils until 2022, Pogba could well continue his adventure, already six years, at Manchester United. However, the large teams interested in the tricolor environment have not been missing for several years. PSG, Real Madrid, Juventus are all three working on the Pogba file. Two constraints persist: the amount of his transfer (60 million euros) and that of his salary which is around 17 million per year.

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