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Pogba at Real Madrid, we’ll talk about it again

After having courted him in the past, Real Madrid are now thinking of the French international for a free transfer next summer.

Real Madrid have enjoyed a relatively quiet summer transfer window as they were unable to attract Paris Saint-Germain’s Kylian Mbappe. The only rookies who have arrived at the Bernabeu are David Alaba and Eduardo Camavinga.

Pérez dreams of a French duo in the middle

However, Marca daily says Real is betting everything for next summer, with a particular interest for the players who will then be at the end of the contract. A bit like what PSG did during the last transfer window. Of course, Mbappé remains their main target, but the latter might not be the only one to land in the Spanish capital. Another Frenchman is also likely to join them.

Paul Pogba is still in the sights of the Casa Blanca. La Pioche had already had touches with the Spanish cador in 2019. The track has since cooled, but it has every chance of being reactivated. Florentino Pérez dreams of being able to attract the world champion to his squad. As for the person concerned, he could also be in favor of this transfer. At 29, it would be his last opportunity to join a La Liga giant.

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