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Pogba at PSG? Pochettino speaks

Parisian coach Mauricio Pochettino has reacted to the rumor that announces Paul Pogba as a possible reinforcement for his club.

Paul Pogba has arrived in the final year of his Manchester United contract, which means he could leave his England squad for free next summer. Several corroborating sources, on both sides of the Channel, have reported a possible engagement of La Pioche with PSG. It is even rumored that Leonardo, the Parisian sports director, is currently working hard to complete this signing.

Pochettino cools the general enthusiasm

Sunday evening, after the Champions Trophy match, the journalists sought to know more about this file from Mauricio Pochettino, the coach of the vice-champions of France. “You see the list of players that we left in Paris, retorted the Argentine coach. We have a lot of players. Half the team is at home. A few are on vacation. I think the performance was good. I am happy and I do not want to talk about the names of the players who are in other clubs ”.

Without being very verbose, Pochettino therefore suggested that La Pioche would be in surplus in the Parisian workforce.. Manchester United fans can see good news and a favorable clue to an extension of the French at home. With the arrivals of Jadon Sancho and Raphaël Varane at the club, the former Juventus player would also be a little less resistant to this idea.

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