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OM: Balerdi, the final decision

Leonardo Balerdi spoke of his future at a press conference, he who made a final decision.

Present at a press conference with Jorge Sampaoli this Thursday, Leonardo Balerdi unveiled his final decision on his future, he who is currently on loan from Borussia Dortmund to OM. “I feel good here, it’s a bit like Argentina, I feel like at home. We started talking about next season. I’m comfortable with it. It doesn’t depend on me, it also depends on Dortmund. But yes I would like to continue here“, Struck the Argentine prodigy.

Balerdi lives again with Sampaoli

Balerdi also mentioned his new coach, he who enjoyed more playing time under the aegis of Sampaoli. “It benefited me in terms of playing time. It gives me a lot more confidence. What about his Argentinian compatriot Dario Benedetto? ” Benedetto is aware that he is not having his best time. I know what he’s capable of. He lives in competition with Milik but he is calm, it is very healthy competition, the two are helping each other to progress, ”he said.

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