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OL, Aulas: “If Depay has to leave, I will be right”

The president of OL spoke about the contractual situation of Memphis Depay and ensures that he has not contacted any coach for the coming season.

Present in front of the media to formalize the extension of Marcelo’s contract, Jean-Michel Aulas took the opportunity to sweep several topics of the Lyon news. At the end of the contract this summer, Memphis Depay has still not indicated whether he intends to leave the Rhone club or not, and if such is the case where he intends to sign next season. In a press conference, Jean-Michel Aulas spoke about the situation of Memphis Depay and has no remorse about his management of the file.

Lyon, Aulas: “To remain president for so long, you have to constantly reinvent yourself”

“Nothing to reproach me because I know that Memphis remained in the good frame of mind of the club. He remained at the level of international player and is well in his role of captain. We put him in the best position to evolve at his level in the 2014 World Cup where he had revealed himself. I respect his choices. If he has to leave for a bigger club than OL, I would be right. If, on the other hand, he has to stay, we will have participated in what will be an even bigger story for him because it will mean that we have won something“, explained the president of OL.

Jean-Michel Aulas is excited at the dawn of the final sprint in Ligue 1: “There is change at all levels and I thank Juninho for the change in mindset. The players are doing their best all the time and the supoprters have understood that. I would love to see them. players before they leave for Lens. We have to show in the eight games that we can fight for the trophies and places we are interested in in the Champions League. It’s very tight and we discuss it very regularly with several assumptions. the most favorable hypothesis for everyone is to be a champion“.

Rudi garcia

“Even if it’s very difficult and we saw that Paris had outclassed Barça even more in Barcelona than they did at home, it’s a very great team with very important resources. They will face Bayern, it is not easy either but it remains the favorite of the competition this year. Alongside there are two other very strong teams, Lille and Monaco. We will have to face Lille and Monaco soon. first the decisive match in Lens this Saturday, which will bring back good memories because it is a real football club. […] Lens is something that flashes in our memories. I really want us to make the suspense last until the end“, added the leader of Gones.

Lyon – Christophe Galtier “will go to OL this summer”, Rudi Garcia will not stay

Jean-Michel Aulas assured that he had not contacted a trainer to succeed Rudi Garcia, at the end of his contract, for the next season: “I can assure you that there is no contact made with any coach other than Rudi Garcia. Those who think they know do not know and are more likely to be wrong than to tell the truth, launched the president of the Rhone club before specifying the importance of the title in its decision. It would be awkward of me to say the opposite. Obviously a team which triumphs after years of scarcity in the championship would have more luck than a team which does not not triumph.

“However, that will not be the determining element, either in one way or the other. It does not mean that if one were not champion, the team of coaches in place would not have a chance to stay We are pragmatic When we renew someone, it is easier to give the more and the less. […] Everything is possible but you have to finish very hard. It is the hallmark of the club in recent years. We’re going to force fate to get there “, concluded the president of OL

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