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OL: Aulas – Garcia, the clash: “He’s rewriting history! “

Rudi Garcia settled accounts with Juninho in an interview with L’Équipe. Jean-Michel Aulas responded vehemently.

The departure of Rudi Garcia has created great tensions in the ranks of Olympique Lyonnais. After his announcement, the technician gave a long interview to the newspaper L’Equipe in which he clearly settles his accounts with the sporting director Juninho. Extracts.

Garcia fire Juninho: “He does things behind my back”

“It went well at the start. Things started to go wrong without me noticing. After two or three victories in November, the sports director no longer came to congratulate me. I found that when the Brazilian rookies weren’t playing, he wasn’t happy. He would have preferred to win but with his players. He’s invested a lot, and that’s a quality, but I certainly think he had to promise them to start. We discussed it, he told me that if it had to be done again, he would not move forward on these things. But that would have slowed down the emergence of certain young people like Caqueret in particular. Juni’s opinion was that Jean Lucas was better. The problem must have come from there initially. And things quickly deteriorated… ”.

“First of all, when we no longer congratulate you after victories, you understand… And when I went to see him in the second part of the season, we only talked about composition, tactics but no club project, recruitment, or youth policy. Everything that falls to a sports director. I think he will become a very good sporting director but he will need experience. He is still too much in the player mode, in impulsive decision making. He didn’t like the attitude of some players but didn’t realize that he was doing the same with South American players (…) He does things behind my back, talks to the players behind my back, lets some criticize the coach like Jean Lucas. He lacked objectivity and fair treatment. “

Aulas reframes Garcia: “What a bad excuse”

In his media release, Rudi Garcia also takes care to praise President Jean-Michel Aulas. “He always knew everything. I got it almost every night on the phone. I informed him of everything. He’s smart, he’s got a bottle. And I would have liked so much to leave him in C1. I can’t change anything, but humanly and professionally, I discovered an incredible man ”. Still, the latter did not appreciate the content of his words at all. The OL boss immediately reacted on Twitter with the outspokenness we know him: ” Very disappointed with the scorched earth policy of Rudi Garcia who rewrites history, forgetting that he had the best workforce. The future is being written with national and European ambitions from the next season, with a new coach and financial resources to serve these ambitions. Too bad Rudi did not know how to work with Juni who had nevertheless chosen and accompanied him. Juni has our full support. What a bad apology from Rudi! “

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