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“No treachery move”

In an interview with France Football, the world champion took stock of his extension to Paris Saint-Germain.

Kylian Mbappé gave a long interview to France Football, for the first monthly version of the magazine. The world champion mentions in particular his relationship to speed, before saying a word about his future.

“I am in a place where I like myself”

“There, I don’t necessarily need to go fast. I have to make the right decision, which is difficult, and give myself every chance to make up my mind. I’m in a place where I like it, where I feel good. But is this the best place for me? I don’t have the answer yet“, He blurted out.

“I will not sneak or treat”

Mbappé also ensures that Paris Saint-Germain “is understanding”. ” There is no problem. I’m not crazy: I know that a project with or without me is not quite the same for the club. But PSG understand my request. Probably also because he knows that I will not sneak or treat. Being a great player also proves itself outside the field where you have to know how to do things cleanly and with class. “

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