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Neymar, the player he imposes on PSG to stay

Neymar is close to extending with PSG, but negotiations are dragging on. The Brazilian would have a very specific requirement.

Even though she’s on the right track, Neymar’s extension to Paris Saint-Germain is still waiting. The procrastination of the Brazilian, however, begins to tire the Parisian management who would have given him an ultimatum. Among the requirements of the former Barça, one of them particularly calls out. Neymar demands that PSG bring in Vinicius Jr.

This information is OKdiario who gave it this Friday. She would enter the logic of strengthening the Parisian workforce claimed internally by Neymar and Kylian Mbappé. The media adds that the “Ney” was still on a recent visit to his compatriot in Madrid, and that he would have taken the opportunity to praise him once again the merits of PSG.

Mbappé-Vinicus, crossed destinies?

But this possible arrival of Vinicius Jr. remains linked to the fact that Kylian Mbappé is no longer in the workforce. Neymar is therefore anticipating the departure of his teammate. The French world champion could then cross the road of Vinicius in a set of perfectly oiled musical chairs.

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