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Neymar, Mbappé, Messi, Sergio Ramos… Pochettino takes stock of PSG’s hot issues

Guest of the Cadena Ser, the PSG coach was invited to take stock of the rumors of transfers around the club.

In France and Spain, there is ultimately only for these two. Who are they ? Neymar and Kylian Mbappé, of course. Not a day goes by that the name of the two stars of PSG is not mentioned by and other of the Pyrenees. It must be said that their contractual situation raises questions. Will they stay in the French capital or will they pack their bags?

Guest of the program ‘El Larguero’ on the Cadena Ser, Mauricio Pochettino was necessarily asked about the progress of the discussions with Neymar and Mbappé, at the same time as he savored the qualification for the semi-finals of the Champions League .

“The objective is to keep the best players. The club want to win the Champions League and the ability of this club is to keep Neymar and Kylian for many years to come,” warned the PSG coach.

“For three months we have had a very good relationship. Both players are very committed to the club. Every team wants to have them in their ranks. I am optimistic that they will stay.”

The PSG coach has something to be optimistic about. A few minutes after qualifying against Bayern Munich, Neymar did not hesitate to reiterate his desire to continue the Parisian adventure for a few years. But what about Mbappé? Unlike his partner, the 2018 world champion leaves suspense hovering, with the shadow of Real Madrid above the Parc des Princes. In any case, Pochettino does not want to see him go.

“After sharing three months of locker room with Kylian, I will fight with all my might to keep him with us.”

Since his beginnings as a coach, Mauricio Pochettino has been used to being close to his players. One more argument to totally convince Mbappé to stay? Only the future will tell … In any case, Pochettino was much less talkative when reacting to questions about the potential arrivals of Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos.

“We said hello to each other and we spoke inside with Jordi Alba, Neymar and Rafinha. We had a good chat,” Pochettino first started before sliding: “I’m sure we’ll soon find out what’s going on with Messi.”

“But I don’t like to talk about players who are not in my squad. There are a lot of rumors and PSG work every year to improve the team. There is only a little time left before everything starts to move. “

Without really confirming or really denying, Mauricio Pochettino left the door open to all follies. And the transfer market hasn’t even opened its doors yet!

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