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Neymar irrecoverable, Rothen lets go

Jérôme Rothen does not appreciate Neymar’s attitude and fears that PSG will do a very bad deal by extending him. He said it bluntly.

Paris Saint-Germain has a hangover, the day after his elimination against Manchester City, in the semi-finals of the Champions League. Deprived of an injured Kylian Mbappé, the Parisian club could not reverse the trend on Tuesday. Present on the lawn, Neymar could do nothing to save Paris, and moreover did not show much more than his partners, many of whom expected a spark. Among them, Jérôme Rothen openly regretted the poor performance of the Brazilian.

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If he first conceded that Neymar was “a very great player, a guy who manages to invent passes”, the consultant of RMC directly engaged on the negative: ” Neymar, as soon as he’s going to take the ball, you know he’s going to go into the percussion and try to dribble. Sometimes it goes, but sometimes when he loses the ball, he gets angry. With the frustration of the result, he comes out of his match completely and he just wants to ridicule his opponents by making little bridges for them.

“Not a good sign for PSG”

A global attitude which worries more and more Jérôme Rothen, far, very far from being convinced that Paris Saint-Germain would do a good operation by keeping his player: ” Yes you are not able to reframe your star that you are going to extend for four years after a match like that … You have to tell him: ‘Do you want to stay with us? So you have to put in more effort and put your teammates in the spotlight. ‘ Is he going to achieve it? I do not think so. Because the evil runs deep and its leaders always go in its direction. Some things are repeated and this is not a good sign for PSG.

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