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Neymar has ambition to make PSG “the number 1 team” in Europe

The Brazilian has displayed his ambitions with the capital club. The message is clear: bring PSG to the roof of Europe.

In an interview with Le Foot Paris magazine, comments relayed by Canal Supporters, Neymar posted his goals with Paris Saint-Germain. And that has the merit of being clear. The Brazilian wants to bring PSG to the top of European football.

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“Personally, I had focused on being ready this year and giving my best on the pitch. I really wanted to take Paris Saint-Germain and experience a new final. It was not possible. I will do everything to do it again in the future. PSG have grown a lot since I’ve been here. I see it on a daily basis. I think the club has above all been able to gain the respect of its opponents. When you are at PSG, you know and feel that you are part of one of the best teams in the world. Maybe in the top 5 in the world “, explained Neymar.

“Paris has done everything to reach this level. We were able to help it. It is not trivial to be among the top four teams in the Champions League after having had a final last year. now hope to do everything so that we can be number 1. It was the first final in the history of Paris. We were able to confirm this season again by beating great teams. I now know that everything is in place so that we can still grow and surpass ourselves in the coming months. We want to lift the trophies. We have to believe in ourselves and do everything to get the best titles. We will persevere to win“, added the Brazil international.

“I have always had the respect of the club contrary to what some bad tongues could say”

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Neymar is pumped up and will have the time and opportunity to prove his words with deeds. Indeed, the Brazilian playmaker has extended his contract with Paris Saint-Germain until 2025 after several weeks of negotiations and rumors about the timing of the formalization regarding his contract extension. Neymar reconsidered his decision to stay at PSG and admitted to being happy in the French capital.

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“My overtime took a while. We made the best decision for everyone. I have already had the opportunity to say that I am happy here in Paris and to play for PSG. I feel better and better. I have had the best season since I have been in Paris. Since I arrived at PSG, we all know that I had difficulties. I overcame them. I set to work to continue to progress and to make my team win. I have always been a true professional. I have always had the respect of the club contrary to what some bad tongues could say“said Neymar.

“When I’m on the pitch, I give and I give myself completely. Since last year, I have been doing much better and I know how lucky I am to do my job with passion. I am happy in Paris. We will do everything. to continue to grow together. We will do everything to continue to grow together. I feel better and better and fulfilled on the field. I remain the same. We are moving forward together to go further“, concluded the striker of PSG.

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