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Nacho: “If Sergio Ramos extends or Real Madrid sign, it will influence my future”

The defender denied being negotiating with the club to extend. He is in the prime of his life and has said he hopes to play the Euro.

At the end of the contract in June 2022, Nacho does not yet know what his future will be like. Pure product of the Madrid training, the 31-year-old defender is the fourth central defender in the hierarchy but still manages to have playing time. At a press conference, Nacho spoke about his future and admitted that the The future of Sergio Ramos would inevitably have an impact on his, without specifying whether an extension of the captain would condemn him to leave or vice versa.

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“Of course, whether Real Madrid extend Sergio Ramos or not, whether the club recruits one or two central … It’s normal, everything comes into account for my future. I will follow all that, I will analyze and I will then discuss with my club and my family. I have not spoken with the club yet, I still have this season and another one. I would make the best decision for me after discussing with my club. It just might be the best moment of my career yes. I have never felt so confident. It’s a dream for me and I hope it will last on the pitch, that’s what a player wants“, explained Nacho.

“I know Sergio Ramos, he is a partner and a friend. He is wrong, logically, to have been injured at such an important point of the season as this. He is the captain and these moments are special for him. I don’t know what he thinks of the club, but as a teammate, friend and Madrid player since I was little, I say that for the club the best if he stays and for Ramos the better would be to stay “, added the Real Madrid defender.

“I am in the best time of my career”

Nacho, Real Madrid

Nacho would like to end his career at Real Madrid and play the Euro: “If the circumstances allow it would be great. It would be my dream. But if I see that at some point it gets very complicated for me, I will talk with the club. I speak with the coach and the club every summer, we move forward year after year. But I’m happy here, delighted to be home. I’m very excited to come back to the national team, I was excited in the last list. Hope the coach changes his mind and can be on the last list.I’m having a great time, the best time of my career“.

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“I am delighted to continue to play with this jersey so special, that it has been a dream since I was little. Tomorrow is a special evening to continue to have a good night’s sleep, like lately. We are very Confident. Playing with three central? The team thrives in all systems, whether it’s a four-player system or a five-row system. We’re on a good streak, that’s most important. We do everything well. what the coach asks us “, added the Spain international.

Nacho is wary of the Reds: “To be a favorite or not, it doesn’t matter very much. We are focused on tomorrow’s game. This question, we leave it to you. In general, the four forwards are spectacular, in the whole world they are the best, without a doubt. I’m sure not only Salah, but all Liverpool players will approach it as a rematch for the final where we beat them, but we have the same urge or more. “

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