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Mourinho refuses to coach a Ligue 1 club

Just sacked from Tottenham, José Mourinho explained that he did not want to coach a Ligue 1 or Bundesliga club.

José Mourinho has given clues about his next club. Since the start of his career, the Portuguese technician has coached in Portugal (Benfica, Leiria, Porto), England (Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham), Italy (Inter) then Spain (Real Madrid).

However, the Special One has never trained in Germany, nor in France. In an interview with Times, Mourinho explained why he had never led a team in Ligue 1 or the Bundesliga. According to him, he could only have led PSG in France or Bayern in Germany and the lack of competitiveness in these two Championships would not please him.

Mourinho in Ligue 1? ” I refuse “

“In Germany and France, you know that if you go to the major club, your destiny is written immediately. In England, it’s competition at the highest level. This is what attracted me. It’s all about pressure. I want her. I would always choose pressure.

Sometimes this pressure becomes unbalanced, or disproportionate, but I refuse the opposite! I refuse to go to a country where the pressure does not exist. I refuse“, Dropped the ex-technician of Spurs.

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