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Mourinho has not digested his departure from Tottenham

José Mourinho is still embittered by the way his departure from Tottenham was carried out.

José Mourinho was kicked out of his Tottenham managerial post two months ago. Since this episode, the Portuguese coach has been able to bounce back since he signed up with AS Roma. But, that does not prevent it to be upbeat about how his collaboration with Spurs ended.

Mourinho has a lot on his heart

The Special One regrets one thing in particular; that of not having had the opportunity to compete in the final of the Carabao Cup. It was Ryan Mason who had this honor and he could not lead the team to victory. “If you ask me how many trophies I have won in my career, then I would say 25 and a half. The half in question is the final that I did not play with Tottenham. You ask the guys who have played a lot of finals and everyone will tell you, ‘playing a final is a dream’ and it doesn’t matter if it’s the first final or number 20 or number 50, a final is always a dream ” .

“A final at Wembley is more than a dream, I played first in the new Wembley and every time I go there is more than a dream and to have a chance to win a trophy with a club that does not have much of course. It was a double dream, ”continued Mourinho with a dose of bitterness.

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