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Milik will not move on one condition

Rumors are circulating a lot about the departure of Arkadiusz Milik. Moreover, the player could stay at OM on one condition.

Eager to have a living wage, Arkadiusz Milik reportedly expressed his wish to play Europe with a big club. For next year, Juventus would like to recruit him to strengthen its workforce. Like the Eve Lady, Atletico de Madrid and Sevilla would be on this file in the perspective of the transfer window. Despite the fierce competition to acquire the player, OM could have a chance to keep him. The Marseille club must absolutely aim for this 5th place in the league!

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Milik at OM? We need the Europa League

It’s all a matter of clause! The Marseillais should be very confident about the hopes of keeping the Pole in the workforce. According to journalist Nicolo Schira, Milik will not budge from La Canebière because of an important detail in this famous clause. The 27-year-old forward could leave the club if he is European next season. An achievable goal for Jorge Sampaoli’s team.

In the ranking, OM holds 6th place with 48 points at the end of 31 days. Last Lens, the Olympians have only one point behind to make up while there are 7 games to play in the league. The club finally know what they need to do to keep Arkadiusz Milik.

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