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Milik, the incredible turnaround!

Very close to a start a few weeks ago, the Polish striker could finally continue his adventure in Marseille.

Arkadiusz Milik’s situation remains undecided, but it is becoming clearer. Author of 9 goals in 15 small appearances, the Pole carried his team in the final sprint of this season 2020-21. Pablo Longoria has always displayed his confidence to retain the goleador, but many Italians were reporting Juventus pressing for the striker, whose odds in Italy are still very high.

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Milik should finally stay

Called to leave Marseille this summer despite his 18-month loan, Milik could finally stay in Marseille. According to information from Tutto Juve, the scorer’s courtiers were chilled by his physical condition, while the player had to withdraw from the Euro after a knee injury.

Anyway, the former Neapolitan has always proclaimed his attachment to Marseille. “I do not hide the fact that in Marseille I am resting from everything I experienced in Naples, where I was constantly stopped in the street by the supporters, he stressed for the media Łączy Nas Ball. In France, everything was closed because of the pandemic, I don’t know if anything has changed since the clubs are open, but vdrunk in Marseille it’s much easier now for me.

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