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Milik and Dieng? No, a great striker still awaited!

Jorge Sampaoli explained on Friday that he was still waiting for a scorer, in the long term, in his squad.

Solid runner-up to Paris Saint-Germain, Olympique de Marseille had a very convincing start to the season, both in terms of results and the impression left in the game. But this positive period did not prevent the demanding Jorge Sampaoli to plan for the future and to identify some shortcomings in its workforce. Present at a press conference this Friday, the Argentinian has shown great transparency on many files, including that of recruitment. He does not hide it: its workforce lacks finishers.

Sampaoli calls for “players capable of scoring”

“A lack of goalscorer in our workforce? We build the team knowing that we do not have many great finishers apart from Milik and perhaps Payet, said the coach of Olympique de Marseille. We had to insist on scoring goals, otherwise we won’t win. We need players capable of scoring, finishing from our game. We need this type of player so that OM remain in their place. », Concluded Sampaoli. A clear message to its president Pablo Longoria for the next transfer window. Despite the upcoming return of Milik and the emergence of young Dieng, OM could well activate in this position during the next transfer window …

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