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Michel Platini smashes Ceferin and the Super League

Former UEFA president Michel Platini only moderately appreciated the Super League project and Ceferin’s posture on the file.

He has always been known for his outspokenness but Michel Platini continues to surprise with each of his media releases. Having granted an interview to L’Equipe to talk about Euro 2021 across Europe of which he was the sponsor, the former UEFA president took the opportunity to look back on the last stormy weeks of European football.

It must be said that with the abortive launch of the Super League, it is a real shock wave that fell on the continent If the idea is almost dead born, it should not make us forget that the big Europe had the ambition of this closed league.

UEFA, well helped by the English clubs who very quickly expressed their disagreement with being part of this project, had the last word but still found itself at the foot of the wall for a few hours. A scenario that should never have happened for Michel Platini, who did not hesitate to charge Aleksandr Ceferin.

“How did he deal with this crisis? answers Michel Platini in the sports daily. The departure of the big clubs to found their own competition is the only real recurring danger that UEFA has to manage. Big clubs have wanted to leave for 40 years. When you are president of UEFA, it is therefore better to anticipate rather than find yourself faced with a fait accompli and treat the managers of these clubs as “cowards”, “snakes” or “scorpions” as Ceferin did. , that was ridiculous. “

But let the current UEFA president be reassured, he is not the only one to have taken for his rank. Juventus Turin being among the heads of the gondolas of the project, Platini was not kind to Andrea Agnelli, president of a club where the Frenchman lived his best years. He criticizes the Italian’s need to reduce everything to money.

“Otherwise, we must also sponsor the goal nets and paste advertisements on journalists in the press gallery, he bluntly blurted out. The Super League project collapsed because its managers made a shitty communication, the media were against it, and the supporters, especially England, were as usual, that is to say great. “

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