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Messi recruited to “wash the image of Qatar”?

Expert in sports geopolitics, Jean-Baptiste Guégan delivered his analysis concerning the recruitment of Lionel Messi by the Qatari owner of PSG.

Even more than in 2017 at the time of the combined recruitments of Neymar and Kylian Mbappé, the Paris Saint Germain created a real surprise in managing to attract Lionel Messi during the summer transfer window version 2021. A thunderclap in the world of football, and a masterstroke on the sporting geopolitical level. In any case, this is what Jean-Baptiste Guégan believes.

The author of the book ” Geopolitics of sport, another explanation of the world Returned on the transfer of the Argentinian. In the columns of La Vanguardia, he explained in particular the main motivation of the owners of the Parisian club: ” Such an event is a game-changer in the eyes of public opinion. Football makes it possible to whitewash its international image, to control it. This is called the ‘soft power’. “

Diplomacy through sport

And Jean-Baptiste Guégan to continue his analysis: “ PSG remains a club, but with the acquisition by Qatar Sports Investments (QSI), it has become an instrument in the service of Qatari politics. An element of diplomacy through sport. This soft power gives Qatar the ability to change its image and become more attractive with regard to investments, tourism and the highly qualified professionals it needs.

As for the recruitment of Lionel Messi, the specialist explains that it would therefore have been a diversionary effect and would have enabled him to preserve the image of Qatar: ” Remember the article from Guardian on the thousands of deaths on stadium construction sites (built for the next 2022 World Cup organized in Qatar, editor’s note). Maybe they wouldn’t have lost the organization of this World Cup, but they would have been criticized even more. And there is another factor, when Messi signed with PSG, the United States and the Taliban were negotiating in Doha.

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