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Mercato – Real: Hazard proposed to … Chelsea

A real flop since his arrival at Real Madrid in 2019, Eden Hazard has been offered to his former club, Chelsea.

Two years and 21 days ago, Eden Hazard officially left Chelsea to join “the club of his dreams”, Real Madrid. But, 59 games missed later, the Belgian has convinced no one. Blame it on extra pounds on arrival, a nasty poorly treated ankle injury, other muscle relapses … the list goes on.

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Too long for the White House and its president Florentino Perez, who has shown patience for Gareth Bale thanks to the trophies, but not for a player bought 115 million euros with no return on investment. Before that, Hazard could count on Zinédine Zidane, the man who recruited him, to “protect” him, but ZZ left the ship. And the man in whom he had placed so much hope could follow.

Is Hazard still reliable?

Carlo Ancelotti will obviously use Hazard if he stays but, in the meantime, his management pushes him towards the exit. With a rather ironic maneuver according to AS, since the Belgian would have been proposed “via intermediaries” to… Chelsea, his former club. Real would like to recover 60 million in this story, and especially to reduce its payroll, but nothing says that the Blues will be interested.

At least not at this price. From 2012 to 2019, Hazard has certainly marked the history of the club, but his last two seasons marked by injuries or his Euro completed in the infirmary have escaped no one. Especially since in the offensive sector, Chelsea is one of the best endowed teams in the Old Continent… Good for the main player who, according to the latest news, would like to stay in Madrid.

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