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Mercato – A Varane-Pogba exchange?

The two French people are at the end of their contract in June 2022 and could be the subject of an exchange this summer.

Teammates in the France team, friends, Raphaël Varane and Paul Pogba would probably like to play together, one day, in a club. After all, the Real Madrid defender and Manchester United midfielder are out of contract next summer, June 2022. They could very well wait until the end of their respective contracts and decide on a destination where they could meet. . Another solution, the arrival of one or the other to Manchester United or Real Madrid.

What is Raphaël Varane playing with Real Madrid?

It must be said that Paul Pogba has long proclaimed his wish to join Real Madrid, without success since the Red Devils did not give in to the will of the midfielder. And now, it is Raphaël Varane who is announced with insistence on the side of Old Trafford. The 2018 world champion has always been in the sights of Manchester United and almost left Real Madrid for the Premier League in the summer of 2018. Finally, Raphaël Varane decided to stay at Real Madird.

But this summer, Raphaël Varane is at a turning point in his career. At the end of the contract next summer, the French will have to extend or leave. Real Madrid do not want to lose him without any compensation as was the case with Sergio Ramos. If he does not renew his lease with Real Madrid, Raphaël Varane could land at Old Trafford. The problem is the price. The Red Devils do not want to spend more than 30 or 40 million euros for the defender.

Pogba used as a bargaining chip?

Paul pogba

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The Red Devils absolutely want to bring in Jadon Sancho, which will cost them dearly, and will be tempted to wait a year to sign Varane for free, if he is too expensive. According to As, there is a possibility that could be suitable for Manchester United and Real Madrid. Eager to strengthen their aging midfield, Real Madrid would recover Paul Pogba … in exchange for Raphaël Varane. This exchange would be an attempt on the part of the Red Devils to lower Raphaël Varane’s transfer fee, or even that it is a pure exchange.

Real Madrid, Zidane hails “legend” Sergio Ramos

There is no doubt that Paul Pogba is a great bargaining chip for Manchester United. Indeed, when sitting down at the negotiating table for Raphaël Varane, his name may come out first and quite quickly. It remains to know the will of the two players, who can screw everything up. If playing together next season was part of their plan, that fix would prevent that plan from happening.

What is more, according to the English press, Paul Pogba would have received yet another offer from Manchester United to extend his contract, but a very important offer in terms of salary. Suffice to say that the exchange between Paul Pogba and Raphaël Varane is far from being recorded. However, if the will of the two players is indeed to change tune this summer to start a new chapter in their respective careers, then this will be a scenario not to be ruled out.

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