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Mbappé will not go to Real Madrid, even Emmanuel Macron is against!

While Real Madrid are still eyeing Kylian Mbappé, Emmanuel Macron has indicated that he wants to see the French prodigy at PSG next season.

Passing through Clairefontaine this Thursday, to wish the French team good luck before the start of Euro 2020, the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, took the opportunity to discuss the case of Kylian Mbappé at the microphone of BFM TV. Asked about the future of the Parisian, the head of state gave his personal opinion.

“PSG is a very big club that has made it grow. And it is important that he remains for the club, for the French Championship. Afterwards, I will never put pressure on a player, it’s an intimate, personal choice that I respect, it’s a career development. He is a young man, the youngest of this team, who commands the admiration of millions of French men and women. What is impressive are obviously his qualities as a footballer, athletic and technical, and he has this quality that only exists in very great players: he sees things that others do not see, openings … He has a intuition or foreknowledge of the game like Platini or Zizou. And besides, she is a beautiful person, very mature for her age. He was raised by his father and mother in the values ​​of respect and collegiality. And he wears them. He will set up a foundation to help young people who come from more disadvantaged neighborhoods or less helped by life. And he cares about France. I also thanked him for his role in vaccination. “

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