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Mbappé (PSG) makes an incredible confidence!

In an interview with France Football, Kylian Mbappé spoke of his very particular relationship to speed.

Combining speed, technique and power, Kylian Mbappé has become one of the most feared strikers in world football since his birth 4 years ago. Speed, more particularly, is often associated with the game of the French world champion, shows explosiveness on the first few meters and almost impossible to stop over long distances. This relationship to speed, the main interested party mentioned in an interview for France Football, dedicated exclusively to the theme. And he took the opportunity to make a secret that will certainly surprise his admirers.

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The Mbappé rocket has learned to… decelerate!

Aware of always having one step ahead of the defenders, Kylian Mbappé explained that he was learning to decelerate at the end of his race, before reaching the goal, to gain even more efficiency in his finish. “With Pochettino, I worked on it a lot (speed, note). I had to improve my finish, adapting it to my profile. When I arrive in front of a guard, I am at 37-38.5 km / h. It’s not quite the same as a player who arrives at 26 km / h. I had to learn to decelerate a little as I approached the goal to better control this speed. I was drawn in training to an area outside which I must not hit, because afterwards the angles are too small since I am too close to the goalkeeper. It’s starting to come in because I’ve scored quite a few goals this season shooting very quickly, even before the goalkeeper or the defender have time to react ”.

Mbappé wants to score even more

“I’m not saying that I brake,” continued the striker. I was not asked. I’m just learning to manage this speed to, for example, move to the approach of the goal from 38 to 33 km / h. Which usually corresponds to the maximum speed of a defender. This reduction in speed should allow me to adjust as precisely as possible to “finish” the action and avoid any rush. I must be the player who creates the most chances in Europe. But I’m not the one who scores the most yet. Pochettino told me that if I could achieve more chances, I would end my seasons with over 60 goals. He keeps telling me that I have to raise my standards and he is right ”.

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