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Mbappé, PSG is “peeing on”

Daniel Riolo distributes the slaps in the Kylian Mbappé file and everyone goes there.

When Daniel Riolo distributes the slaps, it’s violent and there is no jealousy. Everyone takes. Very inspired by the Kylian Mbappé case, the journalist torpedoes in particular the Parisian supporters, whom he accuses of being too complacent in front of the Bondynois. The latter, eager to leave PSG, is asked to pack up by the consultant, who believes that the club “pees on it” against the 2018 world champion.

“A totally grotesque PSG”

“At PSG the situation has become totally grotesque, like it’s been dragging on for six months, and the dad doesn’t want to talk with Leonardo anymore, and Nasser takes over the file, and Mbappé wants to quit. But if he wants to leave then “goodbye sir!” “. I don’t understand, I saw that the Ultras had put up a banner supporting Mbappé in front of the Parc des Princes, but it’s ridiculous! Hey guys, he’s not been wanting to extend for six months. I understand that he wants the same salary, but after a while … Mbappé has been the dancer for six months in front of PSG, it is now July 5 and he has not decided. The club is not going to agree to pee on it anyway, “thundered the famous and uncompromising consultant on the show. After Foot.

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