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Mbappé: “If we win the Champions League, there will be emotion”

The Parisian striker assures us that a European victory would be filled with emotions after the failures of the past seasons.

An early elimination against Real Madrid, disillusionment against Manchester United and a final lost against Bayern: after a first experience until the semi-finals with Monaco in 2017, Kylian Mbappé had his share of disappointments in the Champions League.

What makes say to the young Parisian striker that a victory on the European scene would be full of emotions. “The Champions League, that has a very important place. The World Cup, the fact of having won it early, is something that you do not necessarily realize”, said the n ° 7 of PSG in an interview with RMC Sport.

“The Champions League is something else, because I have known stages where we lost, suffered, it’s something else. If we win it it will be something else, if I win it there will be emotion, even if the World Cup is the absolute Grail. But the Champions League, for me, in club, is what is done best. “

World champion from the age of 19 in Russia, Mbappé is well aware of having touched the Grail on the first try. But hopes to repeat the feat with the Blues by the end of his career.

“We want to win a second. You tell yourself that it can only be an additional baggage for your trip. Normally, a World Cup is the culmination of a career, something that you work on in a club . You arrive around 27 or 28 years old, and this is where you are at your peak “, he image.

“I had the chance to be in the bath right away and to win it at 19 years old. It will help me when there will be other events and of course the ambition is to win one. second. We have a country with an incredible breeding ground and it would be limiting to say that we have won one and that we can wait twenty years to win the second. “

A victory in Moscow which he immediately assured that it was only a step in his career, very quickly pointing to new goals.

“It was a monumental step, because we must not minimize a World Cup. But it’s still a step, he insists again. I’ve always said I don’t want to limit myself. So once the World Cup was ticked off, the point was to tick another one. And to work to check off another.

“A career, if you’re very good, it’s fifteen years. So give it your all for fifteen years, and then you’ll have time to see what you did and you will have all your life to say I won that, etc. “

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