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Mbappé, Hermel lets go completely!

Journalist Frédéric Hermel made very critical remarks towards Kylian Mbappé.

While Kylian Mbappé has still not extended his contract with Paris Saint-Germain, the name of the French world champion continues to agitate the Spanish media. Frédéric Hermel, French journalist based in Spain, however cast a chill in the columns of AS on the striker.

“He is Neymarise”

Mbappé has not been the Mbappé of 2018 for a long time. His season at PSG is not good, thundered Hermel. We always see images, goals, gestures and we say to ourselves “what a crack! “. But we analyze a season on the 90 minutes of each game, not on summaries of his best actions. Do you know what they say about him in France? They say he is “Neymarise” “.

“It’s not yet a global crack”

Look for example the attitude of Benzema on Monday (against Switzerland, editor’s note) and look at that of Mbappé. One plays with the team and is efficient in front of goal, and the other does not play for the team and is not efficient, he stressed. People are making the comparison. We say that Benzema is 33 years old and Mbappé 22. We don’t say that Mbappé is bad. Is he the wrong model? Exactly. He is not progressing as we would like. He is a great player, a wonderful and particularly gifted hope, but he is not yet a world crack.

It was during the 2018 World Cup but to be a mega crack, you have to be in a routine of excellence. This is not the case with Mbappé, unlike Ronaldo and Benzema who are good all season. Mbappé, it’s a roller coaster, it’s not good. But since he is young, this failure will help him think. At 22, we all have certainties in life and that’s what happens with him. We don’t criticize Mbappé, we say what’s going on. He is a player who needs to come down to earth and in this specific case, to the field », Concluded the journalist.

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