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Mbappé, Haaland … Zidane says EVERYTHING!

Present at a press conference before the match against Eibar, Zinedine Zidane unpacked everything.

Mbappé who complained about the pressure on him in France: “The stronger you are, the more you will be criticized. For all players, even if they have had a reaction, there will always be criticism. Wonderful things will always be said about him when you do something good, but you will also say something wrong. Here we are accustomed ”.

Reunion of the Haaland clan with Real Madrid: “Everyone does what they want here, everyone does what they want. My job is to work with my players for tomorrow’s game.”

Ramos’ injury and the still unresolved question of his extension: “What we want is for him to stay, it’s my feeling as a coach, you know what he is and what he’s done. We are still in contact, but unfortunately it was not possible to avoid so many this year. The injuries that we have suffered are many, it is too much ”.

“These are things that happen and we have to accept it, but no one is to blame. What we want is for him to recover as soon as possible, we know the captain that he is. got injured and I hope he will recover soon. “

Health of Toni Kroos: “He’s better, he had an injury that prevented him from being part of the national team and he stayed with us. We will see. There are a lot of games and we will see how we are going to deal with it, but that goes”.

The Eden Hazard case : “We have no plans with Hazard. We are going day by day, as always. We are not going to force anything. The important thing is that he is well recovered, I do not see or say when he can be. Not five or seven days, he’s better. Happy and better. “

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