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Mbappé and Neymar, it’s finally settled

PSG sporting director Leonardo promises something concrete soon for the future of Neymar and Mbappé.

Polled by Sky Sport Italia, Leonado, sports director of PSG, announced the upcoming entry into a concrete phase on the respective futures of Neymar and Kylian Mbappé, linked to PSG until 2022 and coveted by many major European clubs. “We would be happy to talk about contracts but today we will focus on the competition. We will have to see things and we will soon come to a more concrete situation with them, but now we have to focus on the competition, of which we are entering the final phase. “, Explained the Brazilian leader, who also spoke about the tour de force achieved by PSG in Munich, against Bayern, Wednesday evening.

“A demonstration of pride”

“Today was a show of pride, in a complicated situation, with many absences, with snow. Bayern, who had not lost for 19 matches in the Champions League, I am very happy. IWe also needed a little luck. In the decisive matches of the Champions League, we have always managed to respond as in Manchester, Barcelona and today. It’s a show of strength from a growing team, a young team, the comeback is now missing. We have to manage the return in a different way, knowing how to manage better than when we met Barcelona, ​​”appreciated the Brazilian.

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