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Marcelo, Inter Miami denies | Goal.com

Brazilian left-back Real Madrid will not join David Beckham’s franchise.

Rumors in the Spanish media announce contacts between Marcelo and David Beckham’s Inter Miami.

However, Phil Neville has cooled speculation linking the veteran Brazil to the Florida franchise.

“I don’t need another left-back,” former Manchester United player Neville told reporters.

“I have more left-back than I need. We could do with a few more positions but no. I think that shows the level of the club and the interest in the club, yes. But ultimately, I think what i want for us is sheer stability. So when they have all these stars that are Inter Miami related it’s great, it shows people want to come to Inter Miami . But at the end of the day, I want us to have stability here, I want the players to stay here for a long time. “

“You think every time someone is mentioned, someone in this football club, someone in this team, in my team will feel, even if a percent baffled by it, it doesn’t is not good for us, it is not good for the player, “Neville added at a press conference.

“What I would say, and Chris Henderson and I talk about it all the time, is top performing teams, you think of Seattle team, Chris Scott first and experienced it, stability is the key. In the great team I played for at Manchester United, you had the core of a team that was together for four or five years before Sir Alex [Ferguson] do not rebuild it “.

“Yeah, you sprinkle around the edges and adjust here and there you introduce new players, but you’re going to have eight, nine players who are going to be here for the next three or four years to get that stability, they need stability. know that the worst thing that can happen is they read the paper every day thinking about who is coming to the club. “

“We believe in the players that we have, the owners have put so much money into this football team. And now I think stability is the only way to be successful, that’s what the best team in this league have This is what the best, successful football teams are looking for. We are never going to stop you from speculating … “That is clear.

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