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Manchester City will drop millions for an Englishman

Last season, Manchester City missed the opportunity to win the Champions League against Chelsea. To return to the final, the English club will still spend millions during the transfer window.

Manchester City will still pay significant sums during the transfer window. Traumatized by the defeat in the Champions League against Chelsea (1-0), the Mancunians would like to go all out to find the best players in order to conquer their European debut next season.

For the summer transfer window, the leaders have targeted a very successful player in the Premier League. The name of Jack Grealish is said to have circulated in the city of Manchester. This track could be of great interest to the Spanish coach, Guardiola. The English are said to be ready to put their hands in their pockets to grab the Aston Villa midfielder.

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Manchester City reportedly pay € 120m for Jack Grealish

The Cityzens have finished with financial problems in relation to financial fair play. They seem to have the freedom to do great things in the summer transfer window. According to information from Sun, Manchester would offer a minimum sum of 120 million euros to obtain the signing of Jack Grealish, currently in England. If successful in this case, Manchester City would break the record for transferring Paul Pogba to United from Juventus in 2016 for an amount of 105 million euros.

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