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Manchester City v PSG match summary, 04/05/2021, Champions League

Manchester City-PSG (2-0): Paris powerless against City and Mahrez

Again beaten by Manchester City (2-0), PSG was eliminated in the semifinals and once again failed in their quest for the Champions League.

Still missed … Unhappy finalist in 2020, PSG hoped that this season would finally be the right one to lift the cup with big ears. Alas, PSG will not even reach the final this year.

As on the first leg, the Parisians fell against Manchester City, which qualifies for the first time in its history for the final of the Champions League. Even before the kickoff, PSG suffered a first blow of fate: the announcement of the non-tenure of Mbappé, not sufficiently recovered from his contracture in the calf. Worse, the 2018 world champion did not even play in the second half.

Realistic Man City

And as if that wasn’t enough, a hailstorm hit the Etihad Stadium ahead of the game, making the ground slippery and the playing conditions difficult.

PSG had yet entered this part with good intentions. Neymar was the first to get into action with a strike countered by Stones (5th). Two minutes later, the referee awarded a penalty to PSG for a hand from Zintchenko in the area. After consulting the VAR, the referee logically reversed his decision and canceled the penalty.

And against the course of the game, following a well-conducted counterattack, Manchester City opened the scoring with a bit of success: a strike from De Bruyne was countered and Mahrez recovered the ball and adjusted Navas (11th).

Mahrez De Bruyne cropped

Marquinhos on the bar …

Paris then had to score three times to qualify. As so often, it was Marquinhos who sounded the revolt. On a corner badly cleared by the defense of City, the captain of PSG rose higher than everyone else to place a header which, alas, fell on the crossbar of a beaten Ederson … (17th).

Two minutes later, Ederson raised for Bernardo Silva but the Portuguese lost control and Di Maria recovered the ball. Seeing the poorly placed doorman, he attempted a long shot which passed narrowly (19th).

Mahrez irresistible, Di Maria expelled

If the PSG lacked realism, Manchester City did not pray to kill the match shortly after the hour mark. Again, it is on a lightning counterattack that the Citizens punished the Parisians. After a one-two Zintchenko-De Bruyne, the Ukrainian sent a caviar to Mahrez, totally forgotten at the far post who only had to put the ball in the back (63rd).

Groggy, PSG lost all hope in the aftermath with the expulsion of Di Maria for a gesture of humor on Fernandinho (69th). At 10 against 11, PSG tried not to sink.

PSG then avoided a correction with a little luck (shot from Foden on the post, 77th) and a nice save from Navas on a shot from Foden (80th) but that did not change the fate of PSG who stopped at the gates of the final.

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