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Manchester City-PSG, Stones: “Trying to defend and keep the result, it’s not us”

Manchester City center-back is aiming for victory and qualification for the Champions League final on Tuesday night.

Manchester City are 90 minutes away from the first Champions League final in its history. The Cityzens made a very good operation by winning at the Parc des Princes (2-1) last Wednesday and only need a draw, or even a 1-0 defeat to qualify. However, Manchester City will do anything to achieve further success. In a pre-match press conference, John Stones insisted Manchester City should not be content with a draw at home and try to maintain their advantage, but must stay true to their playing philosophy. and do everything to win.

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“We have to pick up where we left off last week. We had a good result. We have confidence in us. The second period gave us a lot of confidence. We showed our character, resilience, Resistance. These are great moments, especially in the Champions League. We can use that on Tuesday. It was a great victory. It’s hard to say exactly what happened because it was at the end of the day. inside the group“, explained John Stones.

“I don’t think of losing. The goal is to win, it has been the case for five years. By playing our football and staying true to ourselves. If it does not go well, we can say that we gave everything. But I have confidence in this team and this group. We can skip Tuesday and go to the final to take a new step in the history of the club. PSG’s form away from home? ‘don’t think much about it. They’re one of the best teams in the world and it’s not for nothing that they’re in the semi-finals. It doesn’t change things to play away or at home for them. But Tuesday, it will be up to us. We have to do what it takes to win the match and go to the final. We have to think about what we are doing, what we have to improve from the first leg and be 100% focused on us “, added the Englishman.

“To be in front of exceptional players is fascinating”

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John Stones and Manchester City have learned from European failures of the past: “The disillusionment of being eliminated in difficult circumstances in the past has served us to have this desire to qualify and at the end of winning the Champions League. Tuesday we have a chance to pass a round to reach the final. use the bad past experiences to do better. We have to keep the same approach and try to pass. Trying to defend and keep the result is not us. We will try to win the match. We are excited and very focused on the task that awaits us Tuesday “.

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The Cityzens central defender is eager to take on the attacking duo of Paris Saint-Germain again: “To face Neymar and Kylian Mbappé? Being in front of exceptional players is fascinating for us defenders. We have to show what we are capable of. We managed to hold them in the second half last week. under control, not only them but also the whole team “.

Finally, John Stones mentioned his relationship to C1 and saw a daydream: “I never imagined playing a Champions League semi-final. When I was young I asked to watch the games. I loved the atmosphere, I have very good memories, not necessarily of the games but of the atmosphere. C ‘was a chance to stay early late at night. And watch the captain lift the trophy. Tuesday can be an amazing time but it’s up to us for 90 minutes. “

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