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Manchester City-PSG, Pep Guardiola: “We do not want to miss the opportunity to go to the final”

The Manchester City coach expects a fierce battle against PSG and hopes to seize the opportunity to play a new C1 final.

Pep Guardiola touches his ultimate Manchester City goal with the tips of his fingers. Arrived in 2016 at Cityzens, the Spaniard has won everything at the head of Manchester City, everything except the Champions League. The Catalan had not even managed, so far to hoist Manchester City in the last four of the competition. But this time around, he’s one game away from the final and is on a favorable waiver before the second leg at the Etihad Stadium. Already winner of the competition with Barça, Pep Guardiola admitted in a pre-match press conference that this meeting will be special.

Manchester City-PSG, Stones: “Trying to defend and keep the result, it’s not us”

“It’s a privilege to live this moment. A privilege because it is the first time for many. We have to win Tuesday and then we’ll see. Every semi-final is different. Every year, every situation is different. We are in a good time but you have to think about what to do to win Tuesday’s game. This is our approach. It’s another game. We have a very small advantage and you have to play to win this game “, analyzed the Spaniard.

“I don’t know if this is the most important game since I’ve been at Manchester City. It’s our first time in the semi-finals and we know the goal. You have to stay calm and quiet. It’s important. for everyone, the staff, the players and the staff. I’m going to tell the players to sleep well. We know who we are and we have to stay focused on us. We know what we have to do. Not much. ‘worry. I try to stay calm. The players have trained well, everyone wants to play. I look at our opponents. We have to control our emotions. A semi-final return is always more difficult than a final“, added Pep Guardiola.

“Playing PSG is like playing against Real Madrid, Chelsea, Barça or the other big clubs in Europe”

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The Manchester City coach does not believe in the absence of Kylian Mbappé, uncertain for the meeting: “I expect him to play. He will play, I’m sure of that. I’m glad he plays. For the football world and this game, I hope he plays. The game Go missed by Neymar and Mbappé? In my opinion they played well, in the first half they were exceptional. You want to judge them because they lost? They will play well on Tuesday and in my opinion they played well in the first leg. try to make them outsmart “

Pep Guardiola considers PSG among the best European clubs: “Playing PSG is like playing against Real Madrid, Chelsea, Barça or the other big clubs in Europe. We will try to minimize the danger. I don’t want to talk too much about it because I know they can change their tactics because their coach is very smart. We can only focus on ourselves. You have to attack well and be patient, score goals and try to win the game. No one can avoid chaos. The match with Mauricio against Tottenham is a thing of the past. We remember it but here we will try to reach the final “.

Neymar promises war in Manchester City

The Spaniard wants to finish the job and no longer thinks about past failures in C1: “We did not think too much about having reversed the first leg. I would rather not be led than to have to go up a score. Just do on Tuesday what we have done so far. PSG is an extraordinary team, very creative players. We know that they are a very good team but we are also aware of our strengths. Tuesday we will try to win and score more goals than our opponents, c it’s easy to know what to do “.

“Do repeated failures in C1 help? I’m not sure if the experience is worth anything. I don’t know. I would like to say yes but we don’t know how we’re going to react. There are unforeseeable moments. . Sometimes there are good and sometimes bad surprises. Here we are in the semi-final, it gives us pleasure. I don’t think about it too much but we could play badly on Tuesday and not go to the final. At the same time, I also think that we will play well and go to the final. We do not want to miss the opportunity. I have the feeling that Tuesday we will do well “, concluded Pep Guardiola.

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