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Manchester City – Borussia Dortmund (2-1), BvB cries scandal

Having stood up to Manchester City despite the defeat, Borussia Dortmund can not digest the goal denied to Bellingham for a high foot on Ederson.

Seeing Marco Reus respond to Kevin de Bruyne’s opener with five minutes remaining, Borussia Dortmund said their trip to England was not going so badly against the armada of Pep Guardiola. While we predicted a real offensive festival of the Citizens against a German defense not always imperial, the BvB held the dragee high to the leader of the Premier League.

Better, Borussia made City doubt and could have done a little more without a questionable decision of the referee. If Phil Foden gave the English victory in added time, Dortmund could have been in a good position as they approach the second leg next week.

On an exit from Ederson, Jude Bellingham went to the duel and beat the Mancunian goalkeeper with his toe, opening the way to the goal. However, the referee of the match chose to whistle for a foul, not letting the action go to an end and thus check for a potential foul with the VAR. A decision that BvB players do not understand.

“I really think I won the ball fairly”, the young midfielder told BT Sport.

“It’s a little frustrating at a time when they have so many cameras watching the game that they don’t wait for me to put the ball in the net and then check it out.”

“This is football, this is life, [et vous] just have to continue. All I was told was that I was fouled and it was a free kick for them. “

“I think they should have checked. Apparently I raised my studs, grabbed the goalkeeper and it’s a foul.”

The former Birmingham midfielder is not the only one who did not understand the arbitration decision. Forced to ignore the round to go against his former team, Jadon Sancho stormed on his sofa, calling on the referees “to go see the video” on social networks.

It must be said that the images broadcast can leave regrets to Thomas Meunier’s teammates. The various slow motion shows in fact that there was no contact between Bellingham and Ederson.

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