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Man City-PSG (2-0): the referee insulted Paredes according to Herrera, Verratti confirms

After the Manchester City-PSG meeting, Ander Herrera and Marco Verratti accused the referee of insulting Leandro Paredes.

If the PSG players were obviously defeated after the elimination against Manchester City, Ander Herrera then Marco Verratti accused the referee of the meeting, Mr. Björn Kuipers, of having insulted Leandro Paredes.

At RMC Sport’s microphone, the Spanish midfielder was the first to address the incident: “We talk about respect with the referees. The referee said fuck off to Leandro Paredes if we say that, we have 3 or 4 suspension matches. ”

Marco Verratti, still at the microphone of RMC Sport, confirmed the referee’s slippage: “Me too he sometimes said fuck you. If I say fuck you, I take ten matches. Of course I talk a lot with the referee, but I never say fuck you. ”

Beyond this incident, Ander Herrera felt regrets: “I think we were the best team for 70 minutes. We tried everything, we attacked, we gave them problems. We can leave here with our heads held high. We’re sad but it’s not easy to be a finalist and to be in the top four teams this season. ”

The Spaniard hopes to finish the season with trophies, however, as PSG can achieve the Cup-Championship double: “We still have two titles to play and must win all matches until the end of the season. ”

Same story with Marco Verratti: “Of course there is disappointment, because we believed in it. Until the red card, we were in the game. We created a lot of chances, we played a lot better than them. We take a goal on their first action, as on the go. We fought until the end, we tried everything. It’s like that in football. We did two years in the last four, and it’s a good trip. I’m sorry, but we’ll try again until we die. ”

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