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Madjer dubs Mahrez on one condition

Rabah Madjer spoke about Riyad Mahrez, who will play in the Champions League final with his Manchester City team.

Next Saturday, Riyad Mahrez will challenge Chelsea in the Champions League final with Manchester City. 34 years ago the very notorious star of Algerian football Rabah Madjer won the most beautiful club competition with Porto against the great Bayern Munich.

In words given to Football365.fr, Madjer dubbed Mahrez, but on one condition. “It gives me great pleasure that the final of the Champions League is played in Porto. Everyone knows the link I have with this club and this city. A real love story”, admitted Madjer in the preamble, he who then spoke of his distant heir. “It can only be a huge source of pride to see another Algerian player play a final of the most beautiful of competitions.”

Madjer then spoke about the Manchester City star’s progress in recent years. “He has progressed and his progress does not surprise me. For having had him as a player in the selection (between 2017 and 2018, editor’s note), he is a very serious boy and also ambitious. The fact of joining a big club like Manchester City and playing there regularly has allowed them to reveal themselves, to assert themselves and to flourish. “

Madjer also believes that he would see Mahrez succeed him, on condition of winning the C1 against the Blues in a few days. “Yes, that would be magnificent! And that would be a great accomplishment for Mahrez (…) To be crowned European champion is not nothing. It is a great success in a career. And I really wish him all the best. wholeheartedly to achieve this goal. “

From there to making him a credible candidate for the Ballon d’Or France Football, Madjer hesitates: “This is a difficult question … What I can tell you – and what is certain – is that if he wins the Ligue des Champions, he will have won stripes and a big place among the greats. “

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