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Longoria mytho? The impossible promise

Marseille President Pablo Longoria made an impossible promise to OM supporters on the transfer window.

While Olympique de Marseille has already formalized on Wednesday an agreement in principle for the middle of Flamengo, Gerson, the transfer window of the Marseille club would not be over. It has even just started and promises to be particularly prolific this summer. Indeed, the summer will be very show at OM… On the occasion of a meeting with the groups of supporters Wednesday, the president of the club, Pablo Longoria, cracked a spectacular promise, announcing 11 recruits during the transfer window, all in the presence of the owner Frank McCourt.

11 recruits at OM this summer!

“Longoria counted on her fingers, in front of us, the number of rookies there would be this summer. He said 11 players were going to join the club ”, a manager of a group of fans of the club told the media The Marseillaise. What about the rumor about Velez’s attacking midfielder Thiago Almada? “We asked the question for Argentinian Thiago Almada, and they told us it was too expensive a transfer. That it was not going to happen, ”added the supporter.

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