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Longoria has pulled off an important blow!

In a workforce where many players reside at the end of their contract, OM want to keep executives. Longoria has managed to close an important file!

OM managed a big blow for next season thanks to Longoria. In Jorge Sampaoli’s team, there are many players who are at the end of their contract. Among them, there are cards who hope to find common ground in order to extend their contract at OM. The president of OM would be close to getting a good deal.

Very patient in the negotiations, Longoria would seem to agree to a framework concerning a contract extension. Free in June, Jordan Amavi should continue his adventure in Marseille for a few more years. Handicapped by injuries this season, the 27-year-old would still be guaranteed to stay at La Canebière.

Agreement found between Jordan Amavi and OM?

Soon, OM will formalize Jordan Amavi’s new contract. According to the media The team, the left-back Olympian would sign a three-year contract at the end of the week. Courted by Arsenal and Crystal Palace in particular, Amavi should continue his stint at OM, which began in 2017. First relief for OM who would like to continue the wave of overtime.

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