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Liverpool, Robertson: “The comeback against Barça? You can’t compare with Real Madrid”

The side of the Reds wants to fight for the qualification but knows that a comeback will not be so easy to do.

Liverpool are back to the wall ahead of the Champions League quarter-final second leg. Disappointing this season, due in particular to several major injuries in their ranks, the Reds lost to Madrid (1-3) in the first leg but hope to turn the tide on Wednesday night. Obviously, Liverpool dreams of a comeback like the one made against FC Barcelona, ​​in the semi-finals, two years ago, before winning the competition.

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Nonetheless, André Robertson knows it won’t be that easy, even more so without the support of his supporters at Anfield. In a press conference, the Reds side refused to compare this match to that of Barça: “The comeback against Barca was incredible and without Anfield it wouldn’t have been possible. The noise in the stands was incredible that night, but we are up against the most experienced team in Europe. Real Madrid are unbelievable, we can’t compare with Barca, but we think we can win. “

“Of course our fans are watching it at home and they are going to hit every ball with us, but we have to try to create that atmosphere in the dressing room before we go out and on the pitch. Like I said, we have to be better. in everything we do compared to what we did last week that is the goal. We must have no regrets and at least if we can get out of this field [avoir] give it all away and we can know we left nothing in there – and that’s the key. If we get there, it’s amazing, and if we don’t, we can at least keep our heads up, “ added the Scotsman.

“We know our potential”

Mohamed Salah Andy Robertson Liverpool 2020-21

André Robertson is aware of the level of Real Madrid: “Listen, we are still alive in the competition. We will try everything until the last minute. It is clear that we need to have a perfect match, but we will try. Real are a great team, but so are we and we know our potential. We’re playing against a legendary team, against a football giant, but we’ll see … We were disappointed after the first leg.

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“The only positive thing was the goal we scored. We’re still alive in the competition and we’re going to have to build on that to come back. I think if we play a good game we’ll have a chance to succeed. .We have to try to create our own atmosphere tomorrow night, of course we don’t have our fans with us and it’s up to us to create our own atmosphere and create a Champions League night at Anfield without the fans “, Robertson added.

The Scotland international confesses that he and his team-mates will have to keep a close eye on Karim Benzema: “Who is the player to be wary of the most? They are all talented … Karim Benzema is one of the best players in the world and the wingers have been very good against us. We have to try not to concede a goal. because we already have to score two without them scoring … We have an obligation to play well. “

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